Update to People’s President Page

Posted by Kimberly:   Here in lovely, Suffolk County, Long Island, we are in the middle of a passionate, but tedious petition drive to get on the ballot for Suffolk County Executive. So, I have not been keeping the ole prez page as up to date as I would like.

Still, I do tinker now and again. And, since I strive to make the People’s President Page non-partisan and informative, I thought I should spend some time updating the Republicans. Still work to be done. (And, I confess that I picked out the women’s names first to add. Life’s rough. Gotta stick together.)

For more complete, updated, and unbiased list, please go to www.politics1.com. (Ron G from politics1 is back from vacation!) Or, for a list which gives so much less favoritism to women that they almost discriminate against women, see the major media coverage!

And, if you want to send someone right (or is that left?) to our People’s President Page, you can give them the direct URL at:


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