Long Island Environmental Rally: Thur 8/16/07

Say NO! to NYS DOT’s plan to build a 24/7 Mega-Intermodal facility in our community.

This Thursday, August 16th
5:30 – 7:30 pm

Pine Hill Lane and Commack Road in Dix Hills
(Near the Pilgrim State Hospital entrance/road)

A letter from Friends of the Edgewood Preserve
Hello friends,

First, thank you so much for all the letters you have sent to Governor Spitzer requesting that he stop the NYS DOT’s plan to build a 24/7 truck, train, crane heavy freight MEGA-INTERMODAL facility in our community! WOW! We have just about reached the 2,000 mark. Our “Two Minutes, Two Stamps and One Person Does Make A Difference” letter writing campaign has been an awesome success — BECAUSE OF YOU!

If you haven’t sent one in yet — BE PART OF THE DIFFERENCE! Send your signed letter today and get friends, family and co-workers to sign one as well. (Sample letter is attached — use as is or change as you wish). We are having an impact! Let’s keep it going!

We have had many victories so far, but the fight is not over yet. WE STILL NEED YOU! ONLY YOU CAN HELP US KILL THIS THING!

HOW???? COME TO OUR SECOND PROTEST RALLY! See neighbors and friends or meet some new folks and let your voice be heard — loud and clear — SAY NO TO INTERMODAL!

WHEN???? This THURSDAY, August 16th, 5:30 – 7:30. Stay as long as you can!

WHERE???? Pine Hill Lane and Commack Road in Dix Hills. Right near the Pilgrim State Hospital entrance/road.

Come alone or bring friends. BRING THE FAMILY and THE KIDS! Bring signs or just your loudest voice! We will have some extra signs! If you want to make your own — here’s a simple one that will SAY A LOT! “BRENTWOOD SAYS NO TO INTERMODAL!” or “DEER PARK SAYS NO TO INTERMODAL!” or “DIX HILLS SAYS NO TO INTERMODAL!” (Your Town or Your Company or Your Family Name and then……SAYS NO TO INTERMODAL!” Just think how amazing hundreds of those signs will look like lining Commack Road!!

We had an amazing turnout (more than 600 people) at the last rally in July and we NEED YOUR PRESENCE AT THIS RALLY! Please let the NYS DOT and our elected officials know that you MEAN BUSINESS: NO INTERMODAL! SCRAP IT NOW!

WHY???? We must obtain permanent protection the Edgewood Preserve — a unique and fragile wildlife habitat. We must protect our drinking water from contamination (Edgewood is a special groundwater protection area). We must protect our children from the ill-effects of air, noise and light pollution (diesel fuel emissions cause cancer and a host of other serious respiratory ailments!).

We must never compromise when it comes to that which is irreplaceable! We must go out there and fight — until we win. And we will win — if we fight.

As always, my deepest thanks for your support and help — and cheers to you and yours,
Patricia Burkhart
Friends of the Edgewood Preserve
P.O. Box 162
Deer Park, NY 11729

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  1. we too are fighting an intermodal facility to be built on pristine farm land in Union Mills, Indiana – we would love to hear from you w/ suggestions & support & we would love to give our support to you in any way we can – we are not against the intermodal per say – we just want it ina more appropriate place i. e. Gary which is a depressed areap

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