Nader, McKinney & Brown on CA Green Party Primary

from Ballot Access News:

California Green Party Presidential Primary

On September 8-9, the California Green Party held a general assembly in Riverside, California, to decide which candidates to list on its presidential primary. Seven names were submitted to the California Secretary of State: Jared Ball, 35, of Washington, DC; Elaine Brown, 64, of Atlanta, Georgia; Jesse Johnson, 48, of Charleston, West Virginia; Cynthia McKinney, 52, of Atlanta, Georgia; Kent Mesplay, 44, of San Diego, California; Ralph Nader, 73, of Winsted, Connecticut; and Kat Swift, 34, of San Antonio, Texas.

Although Cynthia McKinney has announced she is not seeking the nomination, her name will remain on the ballot unless she notifies the California Secretary of State to delete her name.

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