Green Party of NY at Syracuse March & Rally


Speaking for the Green Party was Rebecca Rotzler, former Deputy Mayor of New Paltz and member of the Green Party National Peace Action Committee.

Green Party members from all over New York State participated in the Anti-war march and rally in Syracuse on September 29. The event, initiated by Iraq Veterans Against the War, drew an estimated 2500 people attended. Jessica Maxwell, from the Syracuse Peace Council and a local Green Party member, was one of the main organizers of the event.

The Green Party of New York State, led by Howie Hawkins, veteran and Green Party candidate for Syracuse Councilor at Large, organized a rally and feeder march before joining the main event. Bob Gumbs, Green Party candidate for Congress in Harlem was one of the speakers.

In Walnut Park, the end point of the march, The Cortland Community for Peace displayed quilts made by Cortland Green Party member Betty Wood. The quilts was comprised of pictures and identification information about NYS military personnel who were killed in Iraq.

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