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I am so proud of my green colleague Diane White. Imagine, she takes being a victim of police abuse, and turns it around to be a force for change in her community. Truly amazing. Below is more news from Diane’s personal blog about what is happening relative to police abuse in the city of Harrisburg, PA:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Harrisburg City Councilwoman Patty Kim calls for the formation of “Citizen’s Police Review Board” by Diane F White

Yesterday Harrisburg City Councilwoman Patty Kim announced that she would be be holding a Public Safety Committee meeting on Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 5:30 pm, in Council Chambers to discuss the formation of a Citizen’s Police Review Board. “I believe we need a citizen’s review board. I think we need to communicate, educate and cooperate”, said Kim.

This meeting is long overdue. Community leaders in Harrisburg have been calling for a Police Review Board to no avail, for over 10 years. As citizens and taxpayer we have failed in our civic responsibility to hold our elected official accountable. For years residents have been complaining about heavy handed police officers an nothing has ever been done about it. In the last month there have been at least 4 incidents of “excessive force” being administered by male officers against women… (click here for the rest of the story at Diane’s blog)

To contact Harrisburg City Councilwoman Patty Kim to to the Harrisburg web-site: here.

See you on Thursday, October 25Th!

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