What are You Waiting For?

from Metro Denver Greens

Colorado progressives, peace advocates, liberals, moderates, and unaffilated voters got to see yesterday the ‘Republicrat’ political party in all its shame.

Though most Americans want an end to the Bush-ordered military occupation of Iraq, the leading Dimocrat candidates for president stood pretty much with Bush/Cheney on not ending the U.S. armed presence in that country in the near future.

Also yesterday, as expected, Colorado’s two U.S. Senators, radical Republican Wayne Allard and Dimocrat Ken Salazar voted in favor of a slightly modified Lieberman-Kyle Iran resolution that ratcheted-up the war rhetoric against Iran. No word yet on how U.S. Senate aspirant, Dimocrat Mark Udall, stands on this proposal.

Finally, Mark Udall, John Salazar and Ed Perlmutter cast very wimpy votes in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday. They voted to condemn an ad in a newspaper because the radical Republicans scared them into doing so.


Hey, you guys, it should be the job of the Congress to bring our troops home, not legislate free speech.

Here’s the roll call vote.

It is abundantly clear that ‘politics as usual’ is not going to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq anytime soon or that the Dimocrats in Washington are going to act boldly to prevent a Bush-ordered bombing of Iran.

That means you if want real, genuine, principled change and reform, you need to take concrete action — register as a Green Party voter — and let the ‘politics as usual’ politicians of the two big, establishment, elitists parties know that we want our country back.

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