Yes! 10 Signs of Hope

from Yes! magazine:

YES! Magazine Fall 2007: Stand Up to Corporate Power

10 Signs of Hope

Stories of Action and Change You Didn’t Hear About in 2006 and 2007. For the first time, Project Censored 2008 now highlights a new form of journalism: one that looks for the places where real change for the better is already underway. Here are their 10 featured stories…

YES number1 The Global “free trade” agenda is losing steam

WTO Hong Kong 2005. Photo by Chang, Li-Pen

The people of the developing world have suffered for decades under the weight of the international agreements that promise better living through global trade but deliver poverty and authoritarian rule. For the last 10 years, the people most affected by these policies have led the charge to roll them back and to reclaim their economic independence. Those movements are taking hold most powerfully in Latin America, with the Bolivian government, under President Evo Morales, exemplifying the commitment to fairness and transparency in trade agreements. On an even broader scale, global citizens joined forces to bring a halt to all negotiations under the Doha Round of the WTO.

Activists win big at WTO

Mark Randazzo, “No Deal,” YES! Magazine #40, Winter 2007.

Bolivia Stands up to Global Lenders

“Is the US Free Trade Model Losing Steam?” American Friends Service Committee, Trade Matters May 3, 2006.

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