Don’t E-Waste Your Money

E-Waste Recycling – 21st Century Fundraising pile of cell phonesMike Green, founder of Project KOPEG – a recent addition to Co-op America’s Green Business Network – wants to help you raise money for your favorite causes while diverting toxic electronic waste from the landfill and into a recycling stream.  In fact, that’s his business model.

A former sales consultant for the cell phone industry, Green saw the mountains of waste generated when consumers traded their old phone in for the latest new product, and discovered that the industry itself didn’t have a plan for capturing that waste.  He decided to develop that plan himself, and Project Re-CELL was born.  Two years later, Green collects so many different kinds of e-waste beyond cell phones that his name has changed to Project KOPEG, which stands for Keep Our Planet Earth Green.

“I feel that we in the green movement have a tremendous responsibility to educate and convert people’s habits from being just consumers to being Earth stewards, by teaching people how to protect the environment,” says Green.

Read his interview to find out how collecting e-waste for Project KOPEG can help you raise money for worthwhile causes.

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