Why voting for Hillary won’t help 11/9/07

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The worldwide process of globalization is being aided and abetted by a cynical use of feminist ideas and by the increased exploitation of women’s labor. Everyone knows how Laura Bush told the American people that we were going into Afghanistan to liberate Afghani women, and how hypocritical that was, given the Bush administration’s intensely anti-woman policies, from the opposition to “Partial birth abortion” to the gag order that prevents family planning agencies at home and abroad from mentioning the possibility of abortion. Hillary Clinton’s apparently pro-feminist position makes her an attractive candidate for 2008. But no matter who takes the White House, the elites and institutions that are directing the global economy will continue co-opting feminist principles — such as the idea that work represents liberation for women – to extend the reach of global capital to all corners of the world.

How Capitalism is Co-Opting Feminism

A Talk by Prof. Hester Eisenstein

Professor Eisenstein received her B.A. in History from Harvard and her M. A. and PhD from Yale. She is a Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City of New York. She is the former Director, Women’s Studies Program, Queens College. She has received many honors and awards.

November 9, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. Sharp!
7:30 for coffee and cake
Hewlet-Woodmere Library, 1125 Broadway, Hewlett, New York

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