Coalition to Stop Demolition Rallies

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Ms. Sharon Jasper voices her opinion at a rally Thursday.
photo by Mavis Yorks

Thursday morning, The Coalition to Stop Demolition rallied in front of City Hall to call attention to the projected demolition of four public housing complexes. The broad-based Coalition was formed out of a concern that thousands of families will permanently lose their homes. Furthermore, the Coalition is critical of the idea of mixed income housing because they believe it will fall short of addressing the housing needs of a community that has yet to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Raising a banner that read “Stop the Demolitions” Rose Kennedy Guy stated that public housing offers opportunities for residents that are not available in the private sector. She said that if there is a plumbing problem, it gets fixed. But “outside the projects you got slumlords,” who fail to address their needs. Rose shared with a local reporter that she is here today to fight and to pray and closed by saying, “I deserve to sleep in a comfortable bed.”

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