McKinney, Green Party and the Reconstruction Movement Represent our Resistance

by Dr. Lenore Daniels
Black Commentator

Who will speak of the interests of the Black, Latino/a, working class, and poor?  Who will do more than speak?

To use the words of long time San Francisco activist, Roland Sheppard, Former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, has decided that she “can’t reform a deformed organization” — this in reference to McKinney’s departure from the Democratic Party.  She announced her bid for president in 2008, running on the Green Party ticket.  McKinney was here in Madison, Wisconsin last week at the invitation of the local Green Party.  Local Green Party leader, Larry Dooley, said that he believes McKinney “agreed to run as a Green (maybe, in part, because of the work that Malik and others are doing in New Orleans) so she is willing to give us a chance.” Malik Rahm, founder and head of Commongrounds in New Orleans, is a firm member of the Green Party.  “If McKinney becomes a candidate, I will become involved in her campaign,” Rahm told me. “The Green Party is a global political party” with branches outside the U.S. “It is the only party,” Rahm added, “advocating for saving our environment. Fighting for human rights is crucial, but if you can’t breathe or can’t drink water, you are in trouble,” he said.  Rahm is aware that the Green Party New Orleans has a better representation of Black members than in other branches throughout the U.S.  Rahm acknowledges that we “live in a racist society,” but he is committed to making the Green Party “the type of Party that it could be.” In turn, the National Green Party, “as a whole,” Rahm pointed out, “is missing a golden opportunity” if it does not reach out to bring in African Americans.”

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