Patti Smith at Poetry Project 1/1/08


Excerpt of a bootleg on a cellphone camera.

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  1. […] Patti Smith performed a fascinating song, a kind of spoken word with music. (She claimed it utilized only one chord.) The song started with the miracle of Jesus’ birth, and some mystical references to the lamb as god’s creature; then it described how one of god’s beautiful creatures had taken the life of a young man (the recent incident of the tiger at the zoo), and then how a beautiful woman was murdered with two bullets and a bomb – the recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto; and then ending with another story of a man, who I believe was a worker or common man. Very profound. Hope it gets recorded. (Cameraphone video excerpt) […]

  2. This was an improvisation around Patti’s song “Wander I Go”, from her album Land.

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