Political Predictions 2008

1.  With the Republican field still undecided in February, Jeb Bush steps into the race as a favor to the Republican Party.

2.  If Hillary Clinton gets elected president, Tom Suozzi uses his inexplicable primary run against Spitzer for governor as the basis for a campaign for Clinton’s US Senate seat.

3.  Mike Bloomberg dumps a lot of money into an independent presidential campaign, only to step back to take the VP spot.  The question is for which corporate party?

5 Responses

  1. As a numerologist, you don’t even want to see a Geb Bush presidency. You think George is bad.

    My god.

  2. […] County Executive Tom Suozzi is barnstorming upstate counties to give his stump speech on taxes. I still believe in my prediction that Suozzi’s inscrutable 2006 Democratic Primary challenge for […]

  3. The only good thing about the “mess” of the current election is that, after 8 years of lies, deceits and cover-ups, the whole world is going to breathe a sigh of relief when the Bush regime ends. No matter who is elected (or not elected, as the case may be in a deadlock), the war in Iraq is most likely going to continue to wind down.

    Once the predicted Global Warming and dramatic weather changes start to take priority over political and financial squabbles, people will begin to see the futility and waste of war. Our resources, money and manpower will need to be redirected to saving people rather than killing them. Chances are we will see a world-wide “exhaustion” regarding war and the old, fear-based politics. That old fear will pale in significance next to the mounting climactic problems. People from all walks of life will start demanding that their governments listen and obey, instead of the other way around.

    Thus, in many unexpected ways, the Bush regime will hopefully have been positively instrumental in swaying our nation’s politics away from “us and them” fear tactics toward a more “we are one” concern for the masses. Between the futile and embarrassing war on Iraq, the inept foreign politics, and the erosion of our democratic rights, people are looking for something better, more noble, more wholesome and intelligent in our next leader. In contrast to Bush’s total disregard for the well-being of the populace, the next president will have to have a clearer, more recognizable spiritual integrity and compassion. This new president will also be positioned to have a great impact on global politics as we as a nation continue to help shed light on many other governmental inequities as well around the world. May the new president help raise the bar on what is morally correct and work toward global consensus on many important issues.

  4. I hope your right, but fear your wrong. The departure of Bush will not signal the end of Bushism. The philosophy that currently dominantes the White House can trace its roots back through the last several president’s to Carter. I think the window decorations may change, but the house will remain the same.

  5. i’d vote for Jeb Bush if it wasn’t for an intense, sick feeling i get in my stomach thinking about it

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