Today is Super Tuesday – Vote for Peace!


From Kimberly:

Just a note from a fellow traveler.

Today is a big day. But, you know, in the end, with electronic voting machines, corporate money that buys Karl Rovian campaign propaganda, and a power elite smothering the world…you probably don’t have that much effect on the outcome of your party’s primary, anyway…

Well, that got a little depressing. But, my point is…expressing your wishes and making a statement about your beliefs may be the strongest action you can take on primary election day.

I think most Americans are tired of the war. I know am a passionately against. We may disagree on who is exactly the best peace candidate, or what is exactly the best strategy. But, whichever candidate or strategy you believe in, please keep peace at the forefront of your thinking tomorrow.

Peace is the biggie. It is the issue that the corporate parties want us to forget. If we got peace, a lot of things would be corrected: lots less global warming if there are less tanks and bombs, lots more money for food stamps and health insurance, etc.

Even if we all don’t pick the same candidate, or vote in the same primary, we can send a message. If we all vote for a candidate who at least says they are for peace, something should happen. (Hey, you can write in in a primary. Write-in the peace candidate, even if the corporate media dialogue and your corporate party took that choice off the ballot for you.) Even if they take our votes as their own huge, secret poll, change the results, and bury the facts with spin doctors, if all of us vote for peace, someone somewhere will register it. And, it will certainly cause the power elite to in some way shift the dialogue or strategy to be a bit more peace-ful.

Where to vote peace on Super Tuesday: List of states

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  1. As a registered Dem, I’ll be proudly voting for Kucinich today, then changing my party registration and voting Green. To Ian & Kimberly, thanks for all your inspiration and work!

  2. Hurrah!

    If we get Karen, that is just awwwwwwesome!



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