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17 billion reasons to vote for Steve Alesch in IL

Illinois 13th Congressional Green Party candidate Steve Alesch denounced his opponent, Judy Biggert, today for voting to continue to fund the illegal occupation and pillaging of Iraq.

“Unfortunately, there are 17 billion reasons why this illegal occupation continues and both Democrats and Republicans in Congress today overwhelmingly voted to give President Bush yet another $162 billion, to perpetuate the carnage indefinitely in Iraq and Afghanistan, without any requirements to ever end the illegal occupation in Iraq.”, said Mr. Alesch.

“$17 billion dollars is the amount of legal bribes handed over to the US Congress by corporations every day. In exchange, along with this bill, HR 2642, Congress has now provided President Bush with over 650 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to fund the illegal occupation. Who benefits? Those same corporations…

The oil and mercenary industries along with the entire military industrial complex are enjoying record profits when at the same time:

  • Over 4,100 US soldiers are dead
  • Over 29,900 US Soldiers are wounded
  • Over 1.2 million Iraqis are dead
  • The Red Cross announced Monday, March 17, 2008 that the humanitarian situation in Iraq is among the most critical in the world:
  1. Over 4.7 million Iraqi refugees have fled their homes and are afraid or unable to return (the US has accepted only about 100 into our country)
  2. Over 1.6 million Iraqi children abandoned
  3. Over 20 million Iraqis are without functioning water or sanitary facilities
  • Iraq’s healthcare is the worst that it has EVER been
  • Over $529 billion already squandered, wasted, and war profiteered in Iraq – which is equivalent to the cost of over 21.4 million American College educations
  • And Congressperson Biggert (Mr. Alesch’s Republican opponent) and President Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility is driving the country into a deep recession”

Alesch also remarked, “Considering the recent report from the Senate Intelligence Committee that shows how the Bush Administration used misleading, even fabricated, intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq, it borders on a war crime to continue to fund the illegal occupation.”

Congressional Candidate Alesch said what he and the Green Party would do different from the two corporate controlled parties and their candidates, including McCain,
Obama, and Biggert is:

  • We accept NO corporate campaign contributions, allowing us to work full time for “we the people”
  • Opposed illegally and immorally invading Iraq over 5 years ago, prior to the invasion
  • Oppose continuing to fund the illegal occupation
  • Oppose pillaging Iraq by attempting to force the Iraqi government to pass so called “oil sharing” laws that would guarantee US and British oil companies obscene profits for the next 30 years amounting to 70% of all Iraqi oil profits, which is unprecedented throughout the rest of the Middle East
  • Support closing the over 30 permanent military bases that are next to the major oil wells
  • Support closing the green zone
  • Support closing the Iraqi embassy, the largest embassy in the world, larger than Vatican City and large enough to provide residence for 30,000 people. We would replace it with an appropriately sized embassy, if the US is welcomed by the Iraqi people.
  • Support bringing home, in addition to the over 140,000 US troops, also the over 180,000 US contractors, like Halliburton, and mercenaries, like Blackwater

Candidate Alesch further said, “I and other Greens recognize that this illegal occupation and pillaging of Iraq is generating more terrorism in the world and has done tremendous harm to the world’s goodwill towards the US.”

Alesch stated “As soon as I am elected I will draft legislation to begin the end of the illegal occupation and pillaging of Iraq immediately

  • I support giving Iraqis their country back within 3 to 6 months
  • After 3 to 6 months all troops, contractors, and mercenaries will be out of Iraq
  • All 30 or more military bases, green zone, and the obscene 30,000 person embassy will be closed
  • Iraqi’s would own 100% of their oil indefinitely
  • I would support the US apologizing and providing reparations to the people of Iraq for the illegal and immoral invasion, occupation, and pillaging of their sovereign country”


Steve Alesch for Congress (IL 13)

Senate Intelligence Committee Unveils Final Phase II Reports
on Prewar Iraq Intelligence

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  1. This is all well and good, but Alesch can’t win. A vote for him is a vote for Judy Biggert. Vote for Scott Harper if you’re serious about defeating Judy Biggert.

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