Polidoc: Serious scoop on McKinney and Nader at P&F convention

Babette and crew over at Polidoc are seriously working on their “Seriously Green” film, which will follow Nader and the 2008 Green Party Presidential campaign (pre-convention to post-election, as I understand it.) Polidoc has a unique understanding about what is happening with Nader and with the Greens. The latest post over there, which includes behind-the-scenes info about the candidates and an insider’s insight is well worth reading for anyone who cares about the Ralph Nader for President and/or Cynthia McKinney for President campaign. Below is short excerpt, but, go read for yourself, if you want “dish”.

Nader won the California Green Party primary with a substantial lead, despite his not being a declared candidate. However, when he announced at the end of February that he was running as an Independent, he also prepared his Green constituents that he would cede his California State Green Party ballot line to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and focus instead on attaining the PFP line, a small Socialist party that has had ballot access off and on since its 1966 inception. Nader’s repeated declaration was a boon to the McKinney campaign, assuring her the lead in the national Green Party nomination. However, doubts loomed in the McKinney camp and amongst some Greens as to whether or not Nader would honor his repeated assurances of releasing claim to the Green Party line. Similarly, the Nader camp was concerned that McKinney would not relinquish her grasp on the PFP line of which she had won 21.4% in the primaries, falling behind Nader at 41%. The third place candidate, Gloria LaRiva of the PFP and the Socialist and Liberation Party took 21%. Brian Moore, Socialist Party, sat at 10 per cent. The PFP convention did not share the happy veil of “coopetition’ that had filled the Green Party Convention a few weeks earlier…The PFP convention, however, was contentious, with factionalism spurring infinite definitions of socialism ranging from anti-corporate to pro-Marxist perspectives. When McKinney appeared at the PFP convention this past weekend sharing a hospitality room with fellow candidate Gloria LaRiva, a palpable tension emerged within the Nader camp. Both female candidates share similiar goals of bridging and building a political movement that joins the black and brown communities…

Read the full story here.

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