Republican National Convention: geography

Oh! I just looked this up, because I was so confused.

Answer to the question: Where is the Republican National Convention being held? And, why does it seem to keep moving from St. Paul to Minneapolis?

The state where the Republican National Convention (RNC) is being held in is Minnesota. Minnesota is a midwestern state which borders Lake Superior. The states bordering Minnesota are: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

The Republican Convention is being held in the city of Minneapolis, in the state of Minnesota. Though, Minneapolis is part of two, interconnected metropolitan areas, “The Twin Cities”, which is why some of the stories are also happening in St. Paul (or Saint Paul) Minnesota. Wikipedia notes: “Nearly 60% of Minnesota’s residents live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area known as the Twin Cities…”

Now, I get it…

For up-to-the-minute coverage of the important part of the Republican Convention (what the peace movement is doing there) go to IndyBay.

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