Chicago School Strike: (Called off with promise of meeting-2008)

2012 Update: Chicago Teachers Strike begins on September 10, 2012
Story at Chicago Tribune: here.


2008 story:

Organizers call off 2-day Chicago school boycott

CHICAGO (AP) — Organizers called off a boycott of Chicago Public Schools Wednesday, saying they want students to return to class and for Gov. Rod Blagojevich to meet to discuss the state’s education funding system.

State Sen. James Meeks, a pastor who led what was supposed to be a four-day boycott, said late Wednesday that he ended the protest after two days because Blagojevich said he wouldn’t meet while it was still going.

Now, the ball is in the governor’s court, Meeks said. [Rest of story here.]

Wilderside commentary on the value of the Chicago School Strike: here.

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