Local Theater: “Theater Games”, a play set in high school

This play was recommended to me by Charlotte Koons, The Peace Crone. She has very good taste!

Theater Games is being performed at the Islip Pavilion on Thursday- Saturday, September 18, 19, 20.  At $15, $20, $25 a ticket it is well worth seeing. Especially anyone who has ever set foot in a classroom!  I’m going again on Thursday 9/18.
the BARE BONES THEATER COMPANY presents the premiere production of…

Theater Games

play by Claude Solnik
Directed by Jeff Bennett

Theater Games is a two-act play about a high school teacher who blurs the line between illusion and reality in the classroom, with devastating results for his career, his marriage, and his students.

The play, aimed at teenagers as well as adults, features young actors and a rock and roll score.

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