La Pietra Spreads Energy-Saving Message of Green Party Call for “Dark Earth Hour”

Clerk Candidate Inviting People to Join Michigan Greens in Turning Off Unnecessary Lights, Power 9-10pm Thursday

Giving Copies of Resolution, Original News Release To Local Government Bodies Across County at Meetings
This Week, Ending with County Commission in Albion

John Anthony La Pietra, the Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) candidate for Calhoun County Clerk-Register of Deeds, is inviting the county’s people and its local governments to turn off all non-essential lights and electrical appliances 9-10pm on Thursday.

John is renewing his party’s invitation to people across Michigan to observe a “Dark Earth Hour” from 9pm to 10pm on the third Thursday of each month, to raise awareness of the need to reduce energy consumption.

Yesterday, he presented copies of the original announcement and resolution made in June by GPMI to meetings of the Pennfield school board and the Springfield City Council. He will do the same at more meetings tonight, and at the meeting of the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners in Albion on Thursday night.

“I hope the meeting is short enough that the Commissioners can get home safely in time to join in, and show they know that conservation — reduced consumption — is the easiest way to start addressing a lot of our energy problems,” John comments.

“It’s something we all can do,” he adds. “Not only to hold down our own utility bills, but also to slow down the rush among our legislators and lobbyists to build more power plants of all kinds, regardless of the impact on our environment — or our pocketbooks.”

A two-page Adobe Acrobat PDF file, containing the GPMI news release announcing the “Dark Earth Hour” proposal and the  original resolution, can be seen at

If you want to contact John’s campaign and find out what you can do to help elect a Calhoun County Clerk-Register For the People, please feel free to visit the Website

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