This is the first day of the Obama administration, and it looks like

a McCain administration.  Think there are vast differences between the two?  Add to the 9 times they agreed on their debate,


more things they agree on.  The progressives inside, and outside, the Democratic Party opposed the bailout, yes bailout not rescue plan, as Obama following John McCain’s lead started calling it.  This bailout stunk to high heaven just like the Iraq War.  It was sold to us just like the Iraq war.  With the same fear-mongering speech from Bush.  And the same self-imposed sense of dire emergency. (I’ve lived long enough to learn that most of the time when someone is in that much of a rush, then they don’t want you to see the truth. ) I also know just like the Iraq War this is gonna cost us a lot more money than they are promising us.  It already has in all the pork barrel items they had to add to get enough votes for this to pass.

That’s why Wall Street was shocked that average Americans actually cared about, and understood, economics better than the 2 corporate candidates.  And that was even with their corporate media acting like no one in the world opposed the bailout., just like with the run-up to the Iraq War.  (Witness VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill treating the failure of the first bailout bill as a failure of democracy, rather than a success.) It took the Wall Street money mongers several days to get the corporate astroturf operations up and running to pretend that their was an equal amount of citizen support for the bailout.  Even with all their resources, the email was still running 50% against.

So how long before we find out that there were not Weapons of mass Destruction on Wall Street either?  maybe it’s started already with the market dropping 157 point, even with the bailout being signed.

Anyway, expect more of the same no matter if the fake progressive or the fake maverick is elected president.  It’s just going to cost us either way.

[Above commentary from Ian Wilder]

[Addition from Kimberly: A billion? What is a billion? I did not understand. Here is a web-site that explains it a lot. Though, if you google “What is a billion?” you get lots of interesting answers. List of millions that equal a billion link is here.]

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