Cynthia McKinney: “Where’s Kenny Rogers When You Need Him?”

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“Where’s Kenny Rogers When You Need Him?:  The Big Boys Got Their Bailout, But the Elected Leadership and the Voters Meet at the Election Day Showdown”
by Cynthia McKinney
October 6, 2008

At the precise moment when we couldn’t imagine it getting worse, it does.  After all, the Democrats, since they acquired majority status in the Congress, delivered funding for George Bush’s wars several times.  They authorized retroactive immunity for telecoms that helped Bush’s Administration illegally spy on us.  And they never really considered any alternatives to the basic bailout wish list given to them by Bush and his Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson.

Sadly, I must say that this failure on the part of the Democratic leadership is by far the greatest perfidy of the Democrats yet.  I shudder to think what betrayal of the Constitution and the people of this country yet awaits us.  I am forced to ask, “What do they stand for?”

I think they have shown us time and time again what they stand for, what their values are, and that they are willing to leave the people behind in their quest to acquiesce to what Bush’s base asks for.  And remember, Bush told us that his base were the haves and the have mores!  So, if the Democratic leadership is more loyal to them than they are to the working people in this country, then a new political alignment of historical proportions is taking effect that the working people of this country must recognize. By their policy choices, it should now be clear that the Democratic leadership in Congress must be removed and a political party that reflects the people’s values must be built.  Not only do the people need a party of their own, it should now be clear to a vast number of people that the people in this country need a movement that places our values on the political agenda.  This was what I said in my remarks accepting the Green Party’s nomination as their candidate for President of the United States.

In 2000, when there was clear evidence that the election had been tampered with, and that particularly, black voters had been disfranchised, the Democratic leadership did nothing to recognize and correct this fact.  Criminal behavior was met with de facto acceptance, a failure to investigate, and ultimate acquiescence by the Democratic leadership.

Through my Congressional office, on my own initiative, I investigated and discovered one of the mechanisms used to disfranchise voters and put my findings on the Congressional Record.  Sadly, because of inaction by the Democratic Congress, the basic mechanism used by the Republicans to steal the vote in 2000 could, in fact, be used today to further disfranchise voters.  Further, one million black votes across our country were not even counted, 78,000 of them in Florida alone.

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