National vote totals for McKinney and third party candidates

There may still be more votes (especially for minor party candidates) as the automatic recanvasses happen at Boards of Elections all over the country. Though, for now, here are more updated numbers. Found this at

Barack Obama, Dem 52.34% 62,748,399
John McCain, GOP 46.38% 55,596,984
Ralph Nader, EPF 0.54% 645,158
Bob Barr, Ind 0.40% 482,352
Chuck Baldwin, AKI 0.14% 172,262
Cynthia McKinney, Grn 0.12% 140,413


This is all from Roger Snyder’s blogging at

Some national vote totals:

Obama     51.3%      47,419,711
McCain    47.5%      43,961,762
Nader         0.5%          453,878
Barr            0.4%          368,792
McKinney    0.1%         104,467

(This would not include write-in votes. And, Cynthia was a write-in in some important states such as Pennsylvania.)

State-by-state totals for McKinney/Clemente:

Quick review says:

Massachusetts at   .7%    (top statewide vote for McKinney)
Louisiana 2nd at    .5%    and
Maine 3rd at          .4%

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