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KW: Some items from Victoria’s Secret seem to be making women sick. See better places to buy bras below. Buying an organic cotton bra, and bras that do not push and pinch as much can be good for your health.

Hope that the Victoria’s Secret incident opens peoples’ minds to the fact that shoppers should be concerned about chemicals in the products they buy. We have to be careful and buy products that are natural, simple, and good for us and our world.

(from ABC News) Video is here.
Victoria’s Secret: Formaldehyde in Bras?

Lawsuit Claims Bras Caused Rashes, Scarring
Nov. 11, 2008

…according to a potential class action lawsuit in which consumers claim they’ve experienced very uncomfortable symptoms, like rashes, hives and permanent scarring from Victoria’s Secret bras.
Attorneys are filing a class action lawsuit against the lingerie company…

“I had the welts … very red, hot to the touch, extremely inflamed, blistery. It itched profusely,” said Roberta Ritter…”I couldn’t sleep, waking up itching.”

“I was just utterly sick,” she added.

Ritter, 37, filed a lawsuit against the company May 14 in relation to the Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bras she said she purchased.

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