Malik Rahim Video Challenge (and Nov 5 vs. Dec 6)


Ian and I had a vision. And, the vision was much more brilliant than the video that became of it. Still, our video is mildly informative, and possibly inspirational.

While Ian and I were all for Cynthia McKinney for President, we have always admired Ralph Nader. Some of the folks who were part of the votenader team this time around put together a strategy and a web-site addressing what to do after the election…it is the “November 5 Movement.”  Ian and I thought that was all well and good. But, we would also like all hands on deck for the exciting opportunity of December 6th, when the movement for environmental peace and justice could actually get someone into the halls of Congress.

So, while you are waiting for word from November 5th — please help Malik Rahim and the folks in New Orleans. They might fight a place in Congress for all of us.

And, if you think our video needs help, how about making a much better response video over at youtube?

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