Cynthia McKinney: Thousands Rally and March in Washington, D.C. to “Let Gaza Live”

Today I participated in ANSWER’s march and rally, “Let Gaza Live” in Washington, D.C.  Attendance was excellent despite the weather.  Among the many friends in attendance, I met a young man and his daughter who had come all the way from Greensboro, North Carolina to participate.  The crowd was one of the most diverse that I have ever seen.  I think our message is reaching deep into our country’s heartland.  Here are my remarks:

Cynthia McKinney
“Let Gaza Live”
Washington, D.C.
January 10, 2009

We don’t see the images.  They are neatly censored from our view in this country.  But everywhere else around the world the carnage that is Gaza is being seen and the people are revolted by what they see.

They see dead babies, decapitated bodies, defenseless relief workers killed.  Maimed men, makeshift morgues, mortified mothers.

They see exploding white phosphorus shells, cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions.

They see what is reportedly the world’s fourth most powerful military using all of its power against a defenseless people.

In fact, they are witnesses to 15 days of war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

They see Hugo Chavez expel Venezuela’s Israeli Ambassador and they see lawmakers in Ecuador condemn Israel’s actions, calling for an investigation into Israel’s crimes against humanity.

And despite the obvious facts of an Israeli-sponsored terror campaign against Palestinians in Gaza, a piece of territory roughly twice the size of the District of Columbia, they see the U.S. Congress support a resolution totally supporting Israel, even though Israel is in violation of U.S. and international law.

They see Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, swaggering in insult to black America by initially refusing to seat Roland Burris from Illinois in the Senate, yet that same Reid cowers before the pro-Israel lobby, and they wonder why.

And sadly, they see the U.S. President-elect, who roared onto the scene like a lion, remain as quiet as a lamb in the face of the utter inhumanity of Israel’s actions, and they wonder why.

And then, they see us.  Gathered here in front of the White House, reaffirming our own humanity, and that of millions of people around the world, including in Israel, who disagree with this death and destruction.  The tears of the Palestinians roll down our cheeks, even as we bury our own victims of police murder.

A new day is coming in U.S. politics.  We will use the power of our vote to change U.S. policy.  We will no longer check our values at the door and support politicians and political parties that fail to deliver.

Not one more bomb to Israel.

In defense of humanity, we will not give up and we will win.

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  1. Where was your humanity when the Palestinians were shooting qassam rockets into Israel at the rate of 3,000 in just the past year? Where was the outrage when Palestinians broke into Israeli homes in the middle of the night to murder Israeli children in their beds? Did you protest when Palestinian suicide bombers blew up buses and restaurants full of Israeli children? Have you protested Hamas using Palestinian civilians as human shields?
    It is easy to blame Israel, but the facts are that Israel is the true victim here, and Israel is only doing what it has to do to p[rotect Israeli citizens.

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  3. Did we ever question why a much weaker community is fighting with the other armed to the teeth?
    Did we ever compare the loss of lives on both sides?
    supporting Israel or Hamas is not the solution, the fact is humanity is bleeding and we are counting statistics.
    Did we as humans have lost our sense of rationality?
    Where is our morality?
    With great powers come great responsibility

  4. Was that entire blog a self mock? Do you have any grasp of what’s going on?

  5. Somebody help me up please. I fell to the ground laughing. McKinney is it? The same ingrate who visited violence upon a police officer doing his job? THAT Cynthia McKinney?

    Give us a break you trollop! The people of Georgia are embarassd and want you to get out of the limelight and stop embarassing them. Maybe you’ll be provoked to spit on a cop in the March protest and this time they’ll lock you up in the Steel Hotel and throw away the key. Good riddance!

    • From KW: Dear Doctor Hugo: Your sexism and ignorance is revealed in your post. So, suppose we should keep it up, offensive though it is.

      (Can men be trollops? And, what has former Congresswoman McKinney done that has made her a trollop? I never heard her referred to as that before, and I think that you are just running at the mouth.)

      Also, the police officer thing you allude to is unclear. For people who do not know the story:

      There is a he said/she said about an incident between then Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and a Capital Police Officer/Security Guard. The incident was not caught on tape, so we will never know what really happened. Cynthia McKinney, a Congresswoman, entering her place of work, had gotten passed the metal detectors and security cameras. At that point, a security guard came up to her and put hands on her from behind. Something happened, which as far as I gather is that Ms. McKinney was startled, and swung at the person who had put hands on her with her cell phone. FOX News has many false variations on this story. Among them, that it was caught on videotape.

      Sorry that anyone has to go through that story, while Gaza burns and, the Middle East powder keg threatens our safety.

      I am glad that whatever happened to Ms. McKinney in the past, she is still willing to do her part for world peace now. Brave trollop…I mean, brave woman.


      P.S. I looked up the definition of trollop, and it can only be applied to women. And, in this case, it appears it is only applied because someone is a woman.

  6. Would this be the same Cynthia McKinney who said that during Katrine the US military marched 5,000 prisoners into the Louisiana swamps, expended one bullet to kill each, and then left the bodies there for the alligators to eat? Is this the same woman who jumped on a boat and tried to run the Israeli Navy blockade, and whined when her boat struck the navy patrol boat? Oh my god, the Israelis almost killed her. And let us not forget Roswell.

    And why should Isael care about the opinion of Ecuador or Venezuela, and for that matter why should we care?

    Hamas has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and randomly fires rockets into the country. Hamas is responsible for the dead babies, decapitated bodies, defenseless relief workers killed, maimed men, makeshift morgues, mortified mothers, white phosphorus shells, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium munitions being used now in Gaza.

    • Dear Doc Ford,

      Thanks for your comment above, which I find to be wrong, but at least fair at some level.

      Near the end of the recent Presidential election, Cynthia McKinney did bring up an issue about dead bodies found in Louisiana. Since I supported Cynthia McKinney, I read and listened carefully to her statements. She clearly stated over and over again the way she received the news – from the mother of a man who had to process the bodies. It was clear to me that she had information that was vague, but concerning to her, and she thought that by sharing the little she knew, she would help the truth come to light.

      Shortly after the election, the truth did arise. It was not exactly as she had thought. Though, she always put it out as speculation and stories she would like answers about.

      You do know what happened? Because, it has since been verified on regular news. In Louisiana, in the days after Katrina, the rich white people of Algiers and some white supremacist folks created vigilante groups to kill black people who dared walk on their sidewalks. So, the young man who told his mama who told Cynthia probably saw the bodies of some of those people. And, Cynthia did a good thing by bringing out the story in a way that caused a more thorough investigation.

      It was actually very brave of her to bring up that issue with only weeks left in her Presidential campaign. She took a risk that she would get attacked for a story that wasn’t yet proven. Though, she probably wanted to use the platform she had to draw attention, and get a proper investigation.

      Brave woman.

      About the atrocities you quote of Hamas. I do not know the details in the way you said them. (Maybe they are rumors or exaggerated stories, like the 5,000 prisoners, when it was only a few hundred black men?) Though, Hamas has launched missiles and killed people. And, that is wrong.

      It is just that the way I see it, there would be no Hamas, if it wasn’t that Israel oppressed the Palestinians, so that the right wing, violent party was the answer that seemed appealing to the Palestinian people in their election. I have studied history enough to know that when you are poor and downtrodden, you are ripe to choose violent, right-wing leaders. I bet you that some people in Israel knew that history, too. Maybe they should have acted on it, and given the Palestinians some relief in advance of the elections.

  7. I forgot to add – shut up, you trollop. I use the word “trollop”…[edited]

    [Editor’s note: We try not to censor or edit. Though, it is our space and we will do it if people are totally over-the-top or slanderous. Bad enough to call a woman leader that other word, some things are just pushing it as far as attacks and innuendo. Please be more civil or post elsewhere. Thanks.]

  8. Y’know “wilderside” you may have a point there, so I’ll modify that comment here:

    Give us a break you ‘ignorant, intellectual slattern of an excuse for a legitimate politician’! The people of Georgia are embarassd and want you to get out of the limelight and stop embarassing them. Maybe you’ll be provoked to spit on a cop in the March protest and this time they’ll lock you up in the Steel Hotel and throw away the key. Good riddance!

    Yep! That’ll do it. You folks of the Hate America crowd are always the first to jump ugly as the defender of the indefensible, t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t-s. You bemoan, slander and embarass your fellow citizens by constantly biting the hand of integrity that feeds you with that which you continually raise your strident voices for….the individual right to freedom of speech. I put it to you on that issue. In a free and democratic state, which this once great Nation still is, it is an inherent responsibility in the exercise of that right to speak freely, to respect your neighbor’s right also. You folks, the lefties, are all about your rights, but with no inherent responsibility in the exercise of those rights. You may not like to hear this, but it’s true. You’re for freedom of speech, but only if said speech agrees with YOU. As a timely example, THAT is precisely what the attempt to return The Fairness Doctrine is all about. Liberal attempts at establishing a commercial viable media outlet with a broad audience has never been successful. AirAmerica being the most prominent example. So what to do. You set about trying to get a ‘leg up’ advantage, sort of another aberration of your “affirmative action” ideology, which has it’s origins in the jaded view that twowrongs do make a right.

    You folks, the left-leaning Hate America demonRATs, would do well to gaze a bit deeper beyond the mere countenance reflection in the mirror. Introspection is a good thing for those bent upon self-improvement.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Just thinking out loud.

    • Dear Doctor Hugo,

      Thanks for recognizing that some of your previous language was unfair. I feel good if we shared thoughts and feelings and came to an understanding…even if not agreeing on most matters. Also, thanks for the dialogue.

      Thank you for referring to us as “you folks.”

      As someone who cherishes folk music and folk stories, as the genuinely and authentically transmitted communication of the most important people in the world, being called “you folks” validates my identity and reminds me of my strength.

      “You folks” is much better than “you people.”

      Kimberly Wilder

      P.S. I also think Demonrats is somewhat funny. (Though, it is a little mean.) I understand that Democrats are just one half of the problem with the Republicans. I know about as many Democrat elected officials I like as Republican elected officials I like. Probably 5 on each side of the aisle.

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