My new fashion idea on Op Ed News…The Curtain Club

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(excerpt from) Op Ed News
A Fashion Movement: Voluntary Simplicity and The Curtain Club

by 2kiwipress/Kimberly Wilder

What can one woman do to carry herself, her family, and her country safely through the current economic crisis?

Each day, more and more people are starting to feel the economic crunch…

In addition, there is a sense of lack brought on by the wasteful wars our country is engaged in over in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, the sense of grief and compassion for the civilians in those countries, and for the victims of the blockade and war in Gaza.

How can we respond to these events? How can we help to fix these events?

My solution is to make a partly symbolic and partly meaningful shift in the culture with a new fashion trend: applying frugality and Voluntary Simplicity to women’s fashion.. rest of story is: here.

Op Ed asks for a 48 hour exclusive. So, above is the beginning, and please go to Op Ed News for the rest! (Op Ed News is a great place to go to publish your work among the progressive community. It is free. You get some attention. And, they show up on “google-news” searches.)

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