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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook on Amazon

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

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Deep & transformative NVC events in Boston, New York, Maine

Greetings from our hearts to yours! I am Gina Cenciose a Nonviolent Communication certified trainer and  a lover of Peace, Awareness and COmpassion. I really value and am enthused about the wonderful NVC community of colleages that I am blessed to learn, share NVC with and grow as people with. SOme of these wonderful folks are:

Peggy Smith, Valerie Lanctot Bedard, Rachelle Lamb, Dian Killian, Henry Wai, Anne Bourrit (and other European and french Quebecois trainers) and  Martha Lasley

I am sending you a link to me, sharing NVC in AZ to get to know who I am:A Wonderful  On Line resource for Learning Nonviolent Communication! if you are aware of this wonderful website, www.nvctraining.com where anyone can become a member for $10.00 a month and receive all kinds of rich and life enhancing NVC learning, I want to tell you that they have put a 40 minute clip of our lead trainer, Gina Cenciose, sharing nvc with a group.  To  access this part of the website go to: http://nvctraining.com/media/GC/TP-key-diffs-200812/ you can download it and have it on dvd’s or on your computer.

Here is some more detailed information about how Gina  leads and co leads her 7 different Year long NVC Integration programs with the themes we use to deepen and broaden our awareness, and our ability  to be self connected through inner listening and embracing and therefor our capacity to be present and loving in all of our relationships. NVC  is a deep truly life enhancing inner and outer practice of relationship with self and others. Learning to be with and dissipate through deep presence of self and others, all of our feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt and self aversion so we can embody that which we most  deeply  value.

As her main teacher, Eckhart Tolle has said about ending suffering: “how can we offer to others what we are not offering to ourselves?”

There are 4 upcoming NVC year long programs starting in 2009 besides the ones that are already underway:

one on  Long Island NY (starting APril 1-5th please go to www.facilitatechange.org for info)
[Also Click here to check out The Long Island Compassionate Communication Network! Or here http://planetnvc.blogspot.com/ -ISW]

one in Montreal  ( starting up on May 29-31st send Gina an email for details_
one in Ottawa (starting up April 17-19th please go to www.rachellelamb.com for info)

one 6 month deepening of NVC in northern Arizona starting up in July (send Gina a message for the flyer)
more info below:

Some of the work we will be playing with together is:
Accessing and sustaining unconditional positive regard for
ourselves and others. Expanding trust, openness, vulnerability and genuine self acceptance; Cultivating wonder, awe openheartedness and surrender.Focusing on gratitude and appreciation of what is. Listening and embodying full empathic presence to the life within and without.

Engaging in every aspect of life wholly, with heart, soul and spirit, embracing it all, messy and beautiful, we will also   focus on creating space for authentic expression. Learning to embrace inner and outer conflict and allowing it to flower, no holds barred.
Lovingly and gratefully practising staying connected with what matters most to us in life, in every now moment.

We will support each other  in discovering what helps us each  to stay grounded to our deepest intention, the one that most nourishes and supports life for us.
Living from Joy & Awareness:
We joyfully and playful concentrate on allowing full consciousness of everything that is alive inside of you, moment to moment, and choosing to sit with it and experience life, instead of changing it, healing it, fixing it. Having insights on where we hold it down, and block true transformation by not being  fully present  to what is there. Seeing the blocks to empathy and “being with” we get stuck into with ourselves and others

GIna is also a dance teacher and a singer, so expect some singing, drumming and moving together for further body/mind integration and joy!.

Some  Retreats coming up  in the United States (boston, Maine, New York…)

in Boston Mass.  2 day workshop:
this work is a deep inquiry into the thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that are making our lives less than wonderful. It is a deep alive inquiry with compassion and allowing, we find it powerful and effective in freeing ourselves from the chains that bind us. led by Gina and assisted by Gail Carroll. flyer and info at gcarroll@rcn.com

APRIL 1st to 5th Facilitate Change NVC program

is the  first of 3 retreats in the framework of a 7 month NVC program called Facilitate Change based in Long Island, New York. GIna will co facilitate with Dian Killian and Martha Lasley and others we will move deeply into the realm of social action and NVC. all the info is on the website at

April 24th to 26th  3 day Retreat in Maine
Embodying Needs  through Presence

a 3 day retreat   to deeply embody that which we value the most. This is highly transformational work, to learn to live from the radiance of tat which is most alive and juicy in us rather than unconsciously living from the fear/guilt/shame trio of our conditionned mind. Based on NVC and Eckhart Tolle work, led by Gina Cenciose and assisted by Peggy Smith
for more info peggy@mainenvcnetwork.org

June 26-30th Transformation of our Beliefs, Presence and Rootedness of Being in Maine

in Maine near bar harbour in Acadia National Park a 5 day retreat in the park amidst roaring ocean, wildlife, and moose with the theme of  assisted by Peggy Smith info peggy@mainenvcnetwork.org

July 6-10th a 3 credit university course with the reconciliation and peace department of the university of Maine in Belfast Maine. 5 day class, first 2 days is a basic intro of nvc and then the next 3 days we will focus on the restorative practices of NVC, with Gina assisted by Peggy Smith
Info peggy@mainenvcnetwork.org


APRIL 17th to 19th 3 day retreat
1st retreat  of a Year Long NVC Integration program in Ottawa, Canada with Gina and Rachelle lamb

Another year long general NVC integration program is starting  near Ottawa on the April 17-19th weekend for the first 3 day retreat, teleconferences, empathy and interest groups, in a wonderful retreat place by the Ottawa river in nature for those just starting out in NVC, info at www.rachellelamb.com

May 16-17th NVC Healing Roleplays in Montreal  for 2 days with Gina and Anne Bourrit info gina at gincen@sympatico.ca

MAY 29-31st  3 day retreat. THe first  3 day retreat in a new yearlong NVC program. It is in MONTRÉAl. I will be offering a 20 day year long program in Montréal in English with a NVC certified trainer &co facilitator, Valerie Lanctot Bedard,  that is called NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION &TRANSFORMATIVE SPIRITUALITY, subtitled playfully:
Fear is the cheapest Room in the House, I would like to see us living under better conditions

Whos it for

For those wanting ongoing learning practice, connection and support in their intention to free themselves and the world from suffering. A mix of Eckhart Tolle’s work and Deep transformational NVC work. there are Pre requisites for this series.


A more focused awareness of the depth of their inner aliveness of being, to clearly connect to their being in every moment and choose that, moment to moment! In a setting of humor, compassion, playfulness, wonder and presence.


***Awareness of the programs at work within us (painbody, ego, all of our conditioning) deep NVC work inquiring into and transforming core beliefs, living NVC moment by moment.

*** Freedom to choose what nurtures and sustains life, changing paradigms, transitionning from no choice (ego) to awareness of choice (awakening consciousness)

*** Removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. There will be many experiential exercises and ways of connecting inside to who we really are, that really help in taking apart the layers of misery, mistrust, doubt, pain and fear that are blocking our ability to be fully alive!

Program overview

In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

*May 29th-31st, 2009 3 day

*August 14th-18th, 2009 5 day

* Sept. 18th-20th, 2009 3day

*Nov. 20th-22nd, 2009  3 day

*Feb. 5th-7th, 2010    3 day

*April 9th-11th, 2010    3 day

***Thematic 3-day retreats, and a 5-day summer retreat (non residential except for the 5 day in August 2009)

***Required readings and daily practices.

*** Group work outside of workshop as on option as well as phone meetings

To receive a flyer email Gina at gincen@sympatico.ca

Gina Cenciose
certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent communication
restorative circle facilitator, certified community building facilitator
currently leading 7 different NVC year long programs
www.nvc-transformation-cnv.com for Quebec programs in NVC ( 1 year and 2 year long programs)
www.cnvc.org The international center for NVC
www.mainenvcnetwork.org for Maine and Mass. area NVC programs (year long programs and weekend workshops and 7 day intensives
www.facilitatechange.org Long Island, N.Y. based NVC & social action program I am co facilitating with 4 other trainers
www.rachellelamb.com for Ottawa area Year long NVc program and others
www.nvctraining.com for many wonderful NVC training opportunities on line and by phone
www.nvcaz.com for 6 month program in NOrthern AZ with Gina.

2 Responses

  1. Hi
    my partner and I have done some NVC work with a trainer where we liv e in Duncan, BC and also the Living Peace retreat on Salt Spring Island. We are driving east next summer to visit family and wondered about retreats happening in your area summer 2010. could you send me that info when it’s available? thank you

  2. Anne,

    If you are going to be in NYC, try http://www.brooklynnvc.org/

    If you are going to be in Nassau or Suffolk County, try http://communitybuilders.meetup.com/68/


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