Barack Obama arriving at the viewing area of the Inauguration…

The chants are “O-bama!” “O-bama!”.

A crew of dignataries and planners comes out. Diane Feinstein gets a loud, warm greeting. Nancy Pelosi got a pretty positive shout out, I think mixed with reservations (but I am not clear.)

Obama comes from behind the doors. Amy Goodman notes the first hug is for Congressman John Lewis. Amy Goodman says, “He looks so young.” Obama has a great smile, looks down humbly a bit, very gracious. I have to say I am crying a little. This is pretty cool. We have an African American. The Bushes are gone…or at least in hiding…for a bit.

Diane Feinstein makes the welcome. Nice to have a woman make the opening speech. She has a very confident voice. She talks about “non-violent struggles for justice and equality” and calls this a “sweet victory” referring to the civil rights struggle.

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  1. isn’t feinstein the one who vomitously glowed over rice during her confirmation hearings………….yyuuccchhh!

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