Let’s continue: Small victory for Leonard Peltier

Action items at the Free Peltier Now website: here.

From IndyBay News:
Peltier transferred out of USP-Canaan and back to USP-Lewisburg
by AIM-West ( gazelbe [at] yahoo.com )
Saturday Jan 31st, 2009 5:06 PM

Peltier transferred out of USP-Canaan and back to USP-Lewisburg. While Leonard will never be totally safe so long as he is incarcerated, he is out of the immediate danger he faced at USP-Canaan.

The following was posted on the Leonard Peltier DOC website as of Jan 30:


Leonard has been transferred back to USP-Lewisburg and released to the general population. He was welcomed back not only by the brothers at Lewisburg, but by all of the prisoners. Leonard wishes to thank all of his supporters for standing with him during this difficult time.

Its a small victory, but we’ll take it. The Leonard Peltier DOC *specifically mentions the San Francisco protest* as helpful in gaining his transfer back to Lewisburg (http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/alert.htm), so thank you once again to everyone that took the time to join us.

Wars are won by winning many little battles, and we intend to call the shots on the next move. AIM-West is currently planning a day of solidarity for all political prisoners later in the spring, so start letting those ideas simmer. In the meantime, all the efforts for Peltier’s exoneration and freedom continue. Visit the LPDOC(http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info) for details. Contact Sampson Wolfe(sampsonwolfe [at] yahoo.com) or AIM-West(www.aimwest.info) for local co-ordination.

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