Wanted: Progressive Actress for 4/19/09 show

Fundraiser for Veterans For Peace Long Island

DATE: Sunday, April 19 – between 5 pm – 8 pm

I’m looking for a politically liberal actress with at least 7 years stage experience between the ages of 30 – 55. The actors for this event will be given traveling money for gas / transportation. The event will be videotaped, and is classified as radio theatre on stage.

The audio plays I’m considering performing at the event will be very short: “A White Future”, “They’re Come’n To Your House!”, “The DeathSHIP Cometh”, “Disposable Tools”, “The Body-Bag Brigade”, “The KKK Hall of Fame Award”, “The Day Music Lived”, and “Slightly Paranoid”. I’m looking for a Southern accent for “They’re Come’n to Your House”. Possibly a Russian accent OR British accent for “The Deathship Cometh”. A professional DJ / newscaster voice for “A White Future”.

All of these audio plays can be heard on my web page: www.bradleyphoenix.com/playsandskits.html in GROUP “A” or GROUP # 3.

Bradley Phoenix

Founder & President of X-Cursion Media and Montage Radio Theatre
My online resume: http://www.bradleyphoenix.com/bradleybio.html

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