Chuck D on D.L. Hughley: Cynthia, Rosa, and the Green Party

from David A. Kirschenbaum, Boog City publisher and NYC Green Party member

i’m up late, surprise, and on d.l. hughley breaks the news, his cnn show, he has on chuck d and michael steele, new rnc head, and chuck d talked about race in republican party not being prevalent, feeling excluded, then he says (and thank my dvr for this):

“First of all, the two party system is just played. It has to expand. The green party had cynthia mckinney and rosa clemente with issues, and dealing with a lot of issues that we kind of felt, but also at the same time maybe the rest of america wouldn’t’ve had a problem with. so it’s got to be a situation where maybe three parties, maybe four parties talk to all the people, and maybe the whole system being revamped.”


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