Typical corporate welfare (and attitude): Trump behind on taxes at Jones Beach

If you are interested in protecting the interests of the community as Donald Trump pushes through his over-sized, monstrous, elite and exclusive, corporate welfare project for Jones Beach, consider getting in touch with local activists Patricia Friedman and/or Jim Brown. There is a web-site with some background and contact info at: www.ourjonebeach.com.

(excerpt from) Newsday
State says Trump failed to pay his rent
By Bill Bleyer / March 9, 2009

The state has declared developer Donald Trump in arrears for failing to pay the 2008 rent on the site of his planned catering hall-restaurant at Jones Beach.

The state parks agency sent a letter last week informing Trump and partner Steve Carl they have 20 days to pay $207,307 due last June 15 or their 40-year lease to build and operate the facility could be terminated.

But Trump says he has no obligation to pay because of his lawsuit against the state for damages due to construction delays. He already has won a lawsuit overturning the state’s denial of his initial application. That case is being appealed by the state…

Asked if the state would send a termination letter if Trump does not pay the rent, Larrabee said “we can talk about that in 20 days.”…

In January, the developers received the last major regulatory approval needed to build from the state Department of Environmental Conservation, but they have refused to proceed with Trump on the Ocean until the damages issue is resolved. Trump’s lawsuit seeks $500 million, and negotiations have not produced a settlement.

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