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Nuclear Energy sucks! File this under rants…

Kimberly says…

I write stories over at Independent Political Report, a website of news for third parties and independents. The subject of nuclear gets lots of feedback there. One time we had a clear pile on by folks connected to the nuclear industry. So, my latest post has gotten a few odd comments (ie: a Green who is not sure if he is against nuclear energy). And, I was motivated to write the rant below. If you would like to study the pitfalls of nuclear energy, and have facts and vocabulary to create your own rants for the folks you discuss energy and politics with, you might go to the Nuclear Information and Resource Service website.

Comments I attached to a post at www.independentpoliticalreport.com:

Who likes radiation?

Could everyone just agree that “human beings being exposed to radiation is a bad thing.”? If so, then why would anyone want to force workers to mine uranium, and then enrich it, and then allow companies (who in our country, feed money to the government) to put a strong bunch of radiation in one spot, where it is precarious, and might cause a disaster?

Who trusts the government and nuclear industry, when they were clearly able to suppress information about nuclear disaster for 30 years and going?

People should reflect on Three Mile Island. The history was recently reviewed on Democracy Now! Thirty years after the disaster at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, the lawsuits were never allowed to proceed. That’s because then facts about radiation exposure would get out.

If you know enough to distrust “big government”, why should you trust “big government” to keep you safe from “big energy”?

If people are afraid of our ineffective, incompetent, corporate-controlled government? If our government is a systemic problem of secrets and bloated budgets and bloated and corrupt decision making…then how could you trust them and the corporations that funnel money to them to do nuclear safely, anyway?

Nuclear is big energy, in the same, horrifying way that our government is big government.

Nuclear energy is unnecessarily dangerous. And, more so if left in the hands of our corporatist, duopolist government.

Some of the wiser folks in my town would make energy discussions more deep and comprehensive. Not just that we should reject nuclear. We should encourage smaller, spread out energy projects. Such as towns having their own generating plants, and people being allowed to have windmills and solar panels and selling the energy back to the grid if they like.

When there were the huge power outages around the country in 2003, in Long Island, one of the big winners was the Town of Freeport, Long Island. They had their own, separate energy. And, they took better care, and were not networked in to the federal-government corrupted grid, Freeport avoided the blackout.

Here is an excerpt about Freeport and the blackout, from Wikipedia:

Almost the entire state of New York lost power. Exceptions include Freeport and Rockville Centre on Long Island, which relied on localized power plants; the Capital District, where power dipped briefly but returned, the southernmost areas of the Southern Tier of Upstate New York, which relied on power from Pennsylvania; the city of Plattsburgh; Starrett City, Brooklyn, which has auxiliary power; most of the city of Buffalo; and pockets of Amherst in the Buffalo area, running off university power. There were also some small pockets of power in the suburbs of Rochester, as a few smaller power companies operating in those areas were able to keep running…

3 Responses

  1. You don’t think I’m a Green, do you? I’m not registered to any party.

  2. …I am shocked that such misinformation exists…

    But first, let me preface my counter-rant with a disclaimer. I hope to keep this argument civil and only focus on fact, not the personal character of the opponent. Having said that, I will now proceed to dismantle your argument point by point.

    Nuclear power is the safest option available. I agree that radiation is not helpful to life, however, the average uranium miner recieves 50 times less radiation than is neccessary for any ill health effects. 85% of the radiation you recieve in your life is from “natural radiation,” that is radiation from the sun or radon. Of the remaining 15%, 14% is form the food you eat and the rest is from the nuclear industry. Of that 1% of radiation you will recieve in your entire life 96% of it is from Chernobyl. Speaking of Chernobyl, I don’t view the event as a valid point against nuclear power because the Soviets did it and they suck, but if you want me to elaborate I can.

    Three Mile Island nuclear event. In this event, small amounts of radiation were emitted (by small, I mean not enough to be detected on a geiger counter). Now this event, you cite as a “big government” cover up. If this really was a cover-up and the “big bad government” wanted to hide evil facts from us about nuclear power, why haven’t we contiunued to build them, because clearly the government doesn’t care what the people think…(by the way, that was sarcasm). NO!!! we haven’t built any power plants recently because the government (which isn’t controlled by evil coporations) is listening to the will of the people.

    For the record, people can instal wind turbines and PV cells and sell the power back to the grid

    Please, I invite argument

  3. I wonder if the author is aware of the fact that the U.S. is not the only country in the world that makes use of nuclear power. At one time or another, at least 71 seperate countries around the world have run nuclear reactors for power. France gets a higher percentage of electricity from nuclear power than the U.S. does. Am I to believe that every one of those governments, and by default all of the workers, engineers, and employes of those plants were a part of the evil conspiracy, or does the notion that the author of this article really doesn’t know the facts seem more likely. . .

    This isn’t a religeous belief system, people. Don’t turn your mis-informed, unfounded and uninformed opinion into a “fact” that you live your life by. If you are really, truely concerned about nuclear power, take the time to learn about it for real. If you still don’t like it, fine, but learn about what you speak.

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