Rockaways Anti-LNG Meeting a Success!

David Byer, Water Policy Attorney for Clean Ocean Action, has informed me the hearing at Belle Harbor, NY went very well. About 200 people attended the meeting, including a number of local elected officials and members of the broadcast media. The coverage of the hearing was good. David said that “the Rockaways community seems very active and interested so I think this is one more spoke in the wheel of grassroots activism that’ll hopefully let us roll over these LNG proposals.”
Individuals and groups throughout Long Island and New York City are increasingly taking stands against LNG facilities threatened for the South Shore. These facilities are unnecessary, are dangerous to people, wildlife and the environment. These huge facilities would only add to the problems presented by climate change and sea level rise. What was wrong for Long Island Sound is certainly wrong for our ocean and southern coast! As Broadwater was rejected, so too should these ill-conceived industrial projects be defeated.
If you have not yet signed the petition against LNG, please do so at All the best!
Conservation Chair

South Shore Audubon Society

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