Does Trump have enough money to fund his Jones Beach project?

This article suggests (I think too strongly) that the Jones Beach catering hall project is over. It was my understanding that Trump was still trying for that one. Many people in Long Island are against the project because it is too big and would interfere with the public use of Jones Beach, some of the parking lots and the boardwalk. See

(excerpt from) Cityfile
The Art Of Going Bust

Is Donald Trump really a billionaire or is it all smoke and mirrors? Details about Trump’s true net worth are emerging in a New Jersey courtroom as Trump goes head to head with Tim O’Brien, the author of 2005’s TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald. In his book, O’Brien had the nerve to suggest the real estate mogul was only worth between $150 and $250 million; Trump, enraged by the estimate, fired back with a $5 billion defamation lawsuit…

…the economy turned south and he ran into a whirlwhind of trouble at his Atlantic City casinos, 92-story hotel in Chicago, and condo development in Mexico. (And that doesn’t even include some of this other, more modest defeats, such as that catering hall in Jones Beach and his tennis club about Grand Central.)

But whatever he’s worth these days, it clearly wasn’t enough to save his glossy magazine today: Trump Magazine, it appears, is no more…

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