Important Update – Intermodal & Edgewood Land Transfer

Dear Friends,
Assembylman Phil Ramos and Senator Owen Johnson have re-introduced a 2009 version of the legislation to transfer surplus Pilgrim state land to the Edgewood Preserve.
As you may recall, last summer the same bills passed both houses (Assembly, 140-0 and Senate 48-7), but Governor Paterson vetoed it, bowing to pressure from federal Congressmen and large environmental and business groups, mostly based in the city.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! The 2009 legislative session ends very soon, so TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!
Please — take a moment to telephone and/or e-mail Speaker Sheldon Silver AND Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.   JUST TWO PHONE CALLS OR E-MAILS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Please do this as soon as possible!
1.  Kindly ask that the bills be sent to the floor for a full vote by all Senators and Assembly members ASAP.
2.  Let them know you fully support this transfer of land to the Edgewood Preserve — that it will protect our water, our air, and our children’s future.  You may remind them that Long Islanders will never allow an intermodal facility to be built in Brentwood, on land that as per state law is to be preserved as open space.
If you telephone, you will likely only be asked for your name and address, after you say why you are calling (#1 and #2 above).  You are free to say anything else you wish, but it is not necessary to say more.
Assembly — Bill A6156 –  “the transfer of Pilgrim land to the Edgewood-Oak Brush Plains Preserve.”
contact:  Speaker Sheldon SIlver
phone: (518) 455-3791 (Albany)
Senate — Bill S5502 – “the transfer of Pilgrim land to the Edgewood-Oak Brush Plains Preserve.”
Senator Malcolm Smith
phone:  (518) 455-2701 (Albany)
Please pass this on to as many people as you can and ask them to to pass on.   PLEASE DO IT TODAY!
For more information about our efforts to stop the intermodal go to:
Thank you so much.  (Any questions, feel free to e-mail or call me.)
Patricia Burkhart
Friends of the Edgewood Preserve
P.O. Box 162
Deer Park, NY  11729

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