NYC City Schools: Can there be a balance with “Mayoral control” and parent participation?

KW: I find it suspicious and worrisome that the Mayor wants ultimate control and authority with the whole citywide school system, and that he sees a potential parent-training center as a threat. Even if the people running that center are “the opposition” or “the dissent”, it seems only fair to have a group or groups to provide balance in such a top-down system as “Mayoral control”. I hope all parties keep in mind that the most important people in this scenario are the children and their families. If “Mayoral control” is imposed, at least the students and families should have avenues to give input, grieve problems, and address concerns. There needs to be some kind of information center or advocacy center for parents. [Note, the headline below is very politically skewed.]

(excerpt from) NY Post
Dem[ocrats] Eye $1.6 So Mike’s Foes Can Train Parents

By CARL CAMPANILE / July 20, 2009

Democrats in the state Senate want to shower enemies of mayoral school control with up to $1.6 million a year to operate a citywide parent-training center, The Post has learned.

One of the proposed amendments to mayoral-control legislation would designate NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education to run the program to spur more parental and student involvement.

But aides to Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein said they oppose having the city subsidize an outfit that includes critics of their education reforms…

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