GP Prez Cand Cynthia McKinney favors paying for healthcare over war

from the Atlanta Constitution-Journal

Q: OK. Let’s jump to your presidential campaign last year. What were some of the lessons you learned as the Green Party nominee?

A: Winning the Green Party nomination was definitely one of the most wonderful affirmations of my policy prescriptions and advocacies that I have experienced. I was able to travel across the country and meet with people from all backgrounds and all walks of life, all people who were interested in finding a better way.

Q: The health care debate has garnered a tremendous amount of opposition. What sort of health care deal do you think we’ll see in the long run? It’s pretty obvious that we won’t see universal care.

A: Well, if you predict that we won’t see universal care without asking why we won’t get universal care, then of course your prediction will come true.

Q: I hear you, but indulge me just a little. What would be your prescription for a workable health care system?

A: Medicare for all.

Q: Medicare for all?

A: That’s correct.

Q: Why?

A: Because it works.

Q: But the cost …

A: The system that we have costs an entire fortune and the costs are borne by the people, unfortunately, who suffer worse health outcomes as a result. What costs a lot is war and occupation.

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