Kimberly’s comments on Patti Smith in Westhampton

Ian and I went to see Patti Smith and Her Band for our anniversary. After the show, we went for dessert. Then, we went back to the parking lot and made a video with reflections on the show. Includes brief comment on the political state of affairs in Long Island. (Oh, I forgot to mention in the video that Patti Smith said very complimentary things about Westhampton, and said she was playing in the ocean before the show.)

Here it is:


(As was bluntly pointed out to me in the youtube comment section, I sang “Power to the People”, when Patti Smith’s song is actually, “The People Have The Power”. Oh, well. They are both excellent thoughts…)


At the bottom is the video Patti Smith recommended people watch.

I do not know if these will stay up on-line. So, if you are interested watch ’em now. There are several at the readmore. Patti Smith and Her Band videos from a performance given in the week of the anniversary of Woodstock. (I did not take these. Someone near me in the audience did.)

Talkin’ Bout My Generation
/ Who
The awesome finale. Patti hands off the world from her generation to the next…


White Rabbit /Jefferson Airplane
(not pictured was the huge build-up where Patti Smith talked about missing Woodstock entirely, seeing all the characters from it in the bar of her hotel a few days later, and Patti Smith went up to Grace Slick and said “Hi” and Grace Slick said something back like, “Well, Hi! to you.” Ian says the story is mythical…


With an incredibly long build-up…


Because the Night Belongs To Lovers

With a passionately sincere and breathy singing of the first words…




Don’t forget to do your homework…Patti Smith asked everyone to watch the following video of a song from La Boheme:


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  1. Hey Kimberly and Ian
    Great review! Thanks so much!

    K. in Norway [still smiling]!!!!

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