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Long Island Food Not Bombs General Meeting
Monday, August 24th  at  7:30pm

Food is a Right, Not a Privilege!

If you’ve ever thought about getting involved with Long Island Food Not Bombs now’s a great time. On Monday, August 24th at 7:30pm we will be having a general meeting about the Long Island Food Not Bombs movement in the Sky Room of the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington.

Spread the word.
Bring your friends.

We welcome everyone (newcomers and veterans alike) to come on down and participate in this meeting. The discussion will encompass everything from the direction of Long Island Food Not Bombs to the roots of community direct action, which we wish to grow further.

At the moment Long Island Food Not Bombs has chapters in Hempstead, Huntington and Farmingville. We also share tens of thousands of pounds of fresh organic vegetarian/vegan food with thousands of Long Islanders each month. Our desire is the grow this even further and eventually start expanding out to other necessities like health care, housing and education but to do this we need your help and your thoughts.

So on Monday, August 24th please come down and join us at the Cinema Arts Centre. If you’ve never participated before, come and see what we’re all about and if you have come voice your opinions and help make what we all do even better.

Items on the agenda so far are:

New Member Training
Better Food Shares
Long Term Goals
Increased Community Dialog
Future Projects
Website Functionality


Cinema Arts Centre (Sky Room)
423 Park Ave,
Huntington, NY 11743

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