New Yorkers Inching Toward Revolt

Love that headline! Anyone ready to start planning an independent or third party run for State Senate or State Assembly? The time is ripe! – KW

(excerpt from) Elizabeth Benjamin’s Daily Politics blog at The Daily News
Q Poll: New Yorkers Inching Toward Revolt
August 18, 2009

Today’s Q poll finds a whopping 77 percent of New Yorkers think state government is dysfunctional and the Legislature’s approval rating continues to hover at an all-time low of 18 percent.

Forty-nine percent of poll respondents said almost everyone in the Senate – including their hometown representatives – deserves to be thrown out, while 40 percent said their local lawmaker should be re-election next fall.

The Senate’s overall approval rating is 20-71, compared to 20-67 in June.

By a 50-48 margin, New Yorkers said the June 8 Senate coup and resulting 31-day stalemate left them “embarrassed” to be residents of the Empire State. However, 49 percent of those polled were unsure exactly who to blame for that mess.

For those who did think someone was at fault for the Senate gridlock, 27 percent pointed the finger at the Democrats, while 25 percent blamed the Republicans.

Voters like the idea (62-24) of a constitutional convention to reform New York government, and they also support (54-37) amending the state Constitution to enable the governor to appoint a lieutenant governor when that post becomes vacant…

There is considerable support (70 percent) to put the power to redraw legislative and congressional district lines in the hands of a commission with no connection whatsoever to either the Assembly or the Senate…

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