Health care: Change the discourse with your own demonstration

Instead of worrying about The Right showing up screaming against health care reform, these folks figured out what should probably have been done all along. People who believe in Single-Payer need to get loud and do some appearances at “moderate” and other “Obama-style” health care dog and pony shows.

Excellent coverage–including video–of single-payer folks who interceded in a rally that was exclusively for the “watered down” public option proposal. This was forwarded to me by David McReynolds.

From Brandon Collins:

> Here is a link to some news footage of me at a rally today.
(same link as above)
> basically what happened- I, and two other people were invited to speak at a
> rally for single-payer, I have a copy of the original e-mail should anyone want
> to see it, a bunch of folks in Charlottesville were duped into attending a
> rally for HR 676, only to find it was really in support of HR 3200.
> Well, yesterday, I and the others were informed that we were no longer invited
> to speak, and that there was to be no talk of single-payer.
> So we organized a counter-rally, the other two speakers were David Swanson
> (well known activist) and Andrea Miller (outspoken single-payer supporter and
> former congressional candidate).
> David made it down, Andrea stayed in Richmond.
> I and two comrades from the SP Central Virginia local showed up, brought some
> friends, and were greeted by a whole bunch of folks who had come ready to
> support single-payer.
> I got interviewed on both local news stations, I will post the other link if it
> becomes available. Also a few pics I will post soon. (note in the footage, a
> lot of the signs were made by me, also passed out some healthcare “report
> cards”)
> More information about this can be found on David Swanson’s website-

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