Info on the NYC primaries: Tues. Sept 15, 2009

Update: William Thompson wins NYC Democratic primary for Mayor. Public Advocate race between de Blasio and Mark Green will probably result in a runoff primary needed. See links at bottom.

The main web page for the New York City Board of Elections, with voter information, is: here.

The Poll site locater at the NYC BOE, where you put your address in and find out where to vote, is: here.

KW: As a Long Island activist, I am not properly studied on the New York City primaries. Also, I know who I want for Mayor — Billy Talen/Green Party — and he does not have a primary (Talen just had to petition.)

So, I am not sure I agree or disagree with the opinions posted below. But, sharing some info as a service to our NYC readers.

The Gotham Gazette has a story about the primaries, the lead-up to the primaries and some implications at its post: here.

Some important basics (ie: who will be voting and what races matter) as reported in the GG story:

In citywide office, a scaled down field of candidates will vie for the Democratic nomination for mayor. Brushing aside the extension of term limits, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum and City Comptroller William Thompson both are vacating their posts (he to run for mayor), spurring spirited Democratic primary contests.

Council members seeking to move up left seven vacancies in their wake, and all feature competitive Democratic primaries. [Also, some incumbents have important primaries.]…

Add to this party offices, a district attorney race in Manhattan and other odds and ends and many New York Democrats, and even a few Republicans, have good reason to go to the polls on Sept. 15.

The recommendations of NYC activist Scott Turner are posted in a detailed blog post at “Onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn“: here.

Turner imagines what will happen in his personal best-case scenario of primary outcome and regular election outcome for the Mayor’s race:

Of course, in the general election, a three-way tilt between Avella, the Rev. Billy Talen and Bloomberg would be a death-cage match for the ages.  In that race, we’ll go with the Two out of Three Ain’t Bad option, with the Moneyed Mayor no longer mayor.


Update article: Who won the primary for NYC Mayor candidate (on the Democratic line)?

(excerpt from) The Democrat Herald

New York City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. has cruised to victory in the Democratic mayoral primary and will face billionaire incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

With 62 percent of precincts reporting, Thompson had about 69 percent of the vote. City Councilman Tony Avella of Queens had 22 percent…

De Blasio-Green runoff primary for Public Advocate. Story at Newsday: here.

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  1. ALAN J GERSON contributed to the lives of young people as a member of the Board of the Chinese-American Planning Council, and the Advisory Boards of the Puerto Rican Family Institute’s New Arrivals Youth Group, and the St. Anthony of Padua after-school program. A longtime supporter of the Project Open Door Service Center and the Caring Community, Gerson contributed to a better quality of life for seniorcitizens. A supporter of the arts, he is fighting to create a folk music museum and affordable artist workspace.
    Please vote for him in District-1 Council election on Septemer 15th. To continue his good reforms.

  2. yea gerson will get much supprt frm newyorkians

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