James V. Franco: State should abolish cross endorsements

The Record Opinion: (Troyrecord.com)

Ideally, minor parties are there to give people another road to take if they don’t like the major party platform. But, the way the system is set up now, a candidate running on a third party alone, unless you are a billionaire like Tom Golisano or a TV star like Grandpa Al Lewis, has no chance at all without major party support.

And that won’t change unless we do away with cross endorsements. If a person is a true Conservative, let him or her run on that line. If the candidate stands for what the Independence Party believes in, which isn’t much, let them run on that line and that line alone.

If that were the case, the minor parties which did start with an ideology, would stick to that premise, run a candidate for governor and get him or her enough votes to automatically make it on the ballot every year.

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