Lever Voting Machines Still in New York

Please write in “Audrey Capozzi” for Suffolk County Treasurer. (see explanation below)

KW: Ian and I went to vote today, at our polling station in North Babylon, New York. They are still using the old voting machines. So, to write-in, you slide back the blue rectangle at the top, write the name of the person you are voting for in pencil (it is most likely to count if you write in a person’s name who lives in the district. Though, I have been known to write-in “ballot access” when necessary.) And, the blue window closes when you slide the arm back.

We were very disappointed to find so few choices on the ballots. The Democrats and Republicans who, as a gentlemen’s club of the status quo, control our government, our boards of elections, and our courts, make it exceedingly difficult and hugely expensive (with litigation) for citizen candidates to get on the ballot. Independent and third party candidates must even get more signatures than Dems and Reps for many races.

At our polling place, they did not have the usual stacks of sample ballots that people could write on and plan their voting. I remember those being more available, but this morning, we were told they only had a handful of them, and they were put as one copy to look at at each Elections District. It’s a shame, because I wanted to take one home to show the profoundness of the lack of choice on the ballot.

For Suffolk County District Attorney, Sheriff and Treasurer, voters only have one choice of a name on the ballot. Because the Democrats and Republicans (and even the “big” third parties) all cross-endorsed each others’ candidates. The Libertarians were the only third party this year with the resources and focus to launch a challenge. But, the Democrats and Republicans kicked them off the ballot, starting with a Democratic Committeewoman, named Rosemary Marchlowska, challenging their petitions. That story is: here. If history repeats itself, look for Rosemary Marchlowska to receive a job, promotion or judgeship shortly, as an inconspicuous and after-the-fact thank you. I have seen that done in Suffolk County before. I will be watching for word about Ms. Marchlowska’s political career. (Although, she could just be some candidate’s relative.)

If you would like to send a message to the Democrats and Republicans to “play fair” and allow ballot access for citizen candidates,  independents and third parties, you might want to right in all the Libertarians. They are:

For Suffolk County Treasurer: Audrey Capozzi (note, there is only one “p”!)

For Suffolk County District Attorney: Christopher Garvey

For Suffolk County Sheriff: Steven Kosin

So, I don’t know…is it worth going out today in Suffolk County. Seems so bleak, because there is no one on the ballot whom I care if they win. But, I guess it is worth it to be counted, especially if you can write a message in for the patronage workers at the Suffolk County Board of Elections to think about.

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