Congressmen read the fine print and try to reverse health care vote

Several members of Congress are asking the Speaker of the House to change their vote on the Affordable Health Care for America Act, HR 3962, from a YES to a NO. The reason is that some male members of Congress only now discovered hidden language that will make it more difficult for men to receive vasectomies.

Representative Bill Horn (D-FL) stated, “I feel very oppressed by the fact that I thought I was passing something to improve health care for myself and my children, but I did not realize that the fine print would take away the rights of myself and my sons to control their family planning decisions.”

Men who feel burdened by these provisions in the health care bill — which may also affect their ability to receive: prescriptions for Viagra; prostate screenings and treatment; and treatment for jock itch — should read this very important article: here.

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  1. Somehow, there’s an odd justice in this. Women were always given the shaft on insurance coverage for birth control – why not men too!

  2. According to the US House of Representatives, Rep. Bill Horn does not exist.

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