Obama’s Broken Promises on Healthcare

from Speaker Pelosi: Please Stop Bullsh*ting Us on Dropping State Single Payer Amendment

But President Obama has broken numerous other campaign promises made by Candidate Obama on health care reform:

1. Candidate Obama promised to end backroom deals with “stakeholders” like insurance companies, drug companies and hospitals and instead broadcast all health care reform negotiations on CSPAN. Instead, President Obama has negotiated backroom sweatheart deals with insurance companies, drug companies and for-profit hospitals in exchange for campaign cash.
2. Candidate Obama vigorously campaigned against Hillary Clinton’s proposals to mandate that uninsured individuals and families must buy health insurance or be fined by the federal government. Instead, the heart of President Obama’s and the Democratic Congress’s plan for covering the uninsured is now individual mandates under the threat of IRS penalties.

3. Candidate Obama promised to end the ban on Medicare negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. Instead, President Obama made a deal with big Pharma to extend the ban.

4. Candidate Obama promised to allow the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada. Instead, President Obama made a deal with big Pharma to continue to ban such importation.

5. Candidate Obama promised a robust public option that would give consumers a real alternative to private insurance and would put competitive pressure on private insurance companies to moderate their premiums. Instead, President Obama is supporting meaningless triggers for a public option, while the House and Senate are proposing neutered public options that would cover almost nobody, would cost more than private insurance, and would have virtually no impact on lowering private insurance rates.

6. Candidate Obama opposed John McCain’s proposals to tax employer-provided health care plans. Instead, President Obama has offered no objections to the Senate’s plans to tax the health care plans of many union workers, and some form of this tax plan is likely to end up in the final bill President Obama signs.

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