Poetry community rallies to thank and support Sam Hamill and Gray Foster

KW: This story must have been meant to be posted here. First, I heard the news from local poet and poetry-supporter Barb Reiher-Meyers, then I stumbled across the same information at Blog This Rock while researching for a Maxwell Wheat post…

An Appeal from Alfred Corn & Marilyn Hacker
[about two of their colleagues in need of assistance]

Dear friends of Sam Hamill and Gray Foster, Copper Canyon Press, and Poets Against the War:

You may have heard that Sam and Gray have had some financial reverses lately. Both have also have had recent hospital stays and still need treatment not covered by insurance. Because of impaired hearing, Sam can no longer teach classes. He survives on his pension but has no room for emergency expenses.

We think that their friends will want to help Sam and Gray get through a difficult patch, and that’s why we are raising funds in their behalf.

No contribution is too small, and the names (though not the amount of donation) will be given in a few weeks to Sam and Gray, along with the total of contributions. Because of the emergency, donations must be received before the end of November. This kind of fund doesn’t qualify for tax-exempt status, so we suggest that those for whom this is a concern first determine the amount they would like to donate and then deduct from it the figure they estimate they would save if the contribution were deductible.

Alfred has set up an account for the fund and checks or money orders (in U.S. dollars) should be made out in his name (you can write in on the memo line “for Sam Hamill”) and sent to:

Mr. Alfred Corn
P.O. Box 214
Hopkinton, RI 02833

This effort is probably best described not as charity but as compensation for unpaid labor involved in the founding and management of Copper Canyon Press [out of Washington State] and the website Poets Against the War, both extraordinary achievements for which we would like to show gratitude.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.


Alfred Corn
Marilyn Hacker

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