Saturday, Dec 5th at 1pm: Demonstrate against war and drones

On Saturday December 5th at 1PM, Pax Christ, South Country Peace Group, VFPLI and others will be conducting the first of many demonstrations to demand an end to occupation and war. Come join us at…

BAE  (Long Island’s own weapons manufacturer and producer of Drone aircraft components)
450 Pulaski Road
Greenlawn, NY 11740

Let your voice be heard!

(Thanks to Mac Bica of VFPLI for the info.)

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  1. . ItIs BAE in Greenlawn still involved today in the production of drones? I am trying to create an action for KNOW DRONES sometime this month, which I already listed on KNOW DRONES’ action schedule, on But I want to be SURE they are a guilty party befor protesting. Please RSVP ASAP thanks.

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